Dialect Training

Dialect Training

Education: Dialect Bible Training Program


Dialect training students having small group study.

Purposes: This training program is twofold

The program trains students how to write the alphabets in their own dialect.

It also teaches student how to read the Bible in their own dialect.

When a student masters the dialect alphabets, that student will find it easy to read the Bible written in his dialect, LEM hopes that these students will become like the

Berean Christians (Acts 17:11). They will be able to search the scriptures on their own. Most especially, they will be drawn closer to love God and His Word because He will speak to them through His Word.

The program has more than 20 students. Classes have been held weekly. Students are beginning to have small group reading and studies. We currently have three teachers and other villages are now calling us to send Dialect Bible teachers. Pray that the Lord will provide financial help for more teachers to be hired.