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Sports Ministry

Sports As a Tool For Evangelism

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Sports As a Tool For Evangelism

Sports of every kind have historically and contagiously attracted the desires of people of all walks of life. Sport lovers will travel far, pay a lot of money for tickets, and even take time off from work just to attend certain scheduled sporting events.

In Liberia, West Africa, our ministry uses sports as a method of evangelism. LEM has seen many children in the past come to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior during our sporting events. LEM is expanding its strategy to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the hosting of a Evangelistic Sporting Events in towns and villages throughout Liberia and the Ivory Coast.

As such, LEM encourages sports lovers in the United States and Europe, and churches throughout the world, to consider an invitation to come to Liberia annually to conduct the following sports:

      1. Soccer
      2. Basketball
      3. Volleyball
      4. American Football (LEM would like to introduce this sport to Liberia)
      5. Kickball
      6. Baseball
      7. Table Tennis
      8. Bicycle Racing

How Will Participants Benefit ?

      1. They will hear the preaching of the Gospel
      2. Socialization and building of relationships
      3. Participate in evangelistic tournament
      4. Provide them opportunities to discuss the Gospel,
        share their hurts, and confess their hearts

The Event Schedule

Each day, the Gospel will be preached twice: before the game and after the game. The “Jesus Film” or other Christian film will also be shown. Discipleship will be provided after the Gospel is preached. Each participant in the sporting events will receive a Bible, Bible tracts, refreshments and humanitarian items such as clothes, pens, paper.

D GN. Mark III is preparing to travel to Liberia to participate in LEM Evangelistic Sporting Events.
His desire is to help others come to know Jesus as Savior.
His dad, GN. Mark Sr., has been coaching him.

LEM will ensure participants’ safety and security during each evangelistic sporting event. LEM hopes to create a family-like environment whose members will help to influence and strengthen each other spiritually. Parents and relatives of children who wish to participate are encouraged to get involved and are requested to stay to watch the movies and hear the Word preached. It is the hope that entire families will make a decision to trust in Christ Jesus as their savior.

What LEM Needs
LEM asks that you consider purchasing any two of the following items:

      1. Soccer ball
      2. Basketball and hoop
      3. Volleyball and net
      4. Football
      5. Baseballs, bat, mitts
      6. Table for Table Tennis and raquets
      7. Bicycle

Also, we need new or used (in good condition) shirt and short sets and athletic shoes for designating teams. Most participants are between the ages of 8 and 22. We are hoping for at least six sets of outfits.

Schedule for Mission Trips
The next mission trip to Liberia will be January 11-25 and February 14-28, 2011. Please contact LEM if you are able to come and help coach a sport, help organize or in any other way support this evangelism mission.

Evangelistic Sporting Events (ESE)
Light Evangelism Ministry
P. O. Box 2944
Fendell, Monrovia, Liberia