Orphanage Outreach

Orphanage Outreach

Orphanage and Nutrition Program

The LEM Rebecca Orphanage currently houses 30 children ranging in age from 18 months to 16 years.  These children have all lost parents due to illness, malnourishment, or the civil war that ended in 2004.  Many lost their mothers who died giving birth to them.  With no one to support these children, our orphanage has taken them in to provide for their basic needs as well as education in our school.  We are committed to giving these children hope and a future through education and a knowledge of their Savior, Jesus Christ.


Rebecca, our orphanage director, cares for the children with help from other women in the village.  She is a beautiful soul who loves the children deeply and wants to show them who Jesus is and how much He loves them.

We began a child sponsorship program in December 2012 to link families with the children in Liberia.  With this sponsorship, the children are ensured the best care due to consistent donations being made.  As of June 2013, our orphanage was 100% sponsored.  All glory to God!

Our prayer is that in the future God will provide the funds necessary to build a permanent facility to care for these children on our school campus.