G.Neh-kewon Mark Dahn and Family

G.Neh-kewon Mark Dahn and Family

Guinea, Ivory Coast and Liberia,

About Us : G.Neh-kewon Mark & Eunice Dahn and family

The founder and executive director of LEM is Reverend G. Neh-kewon Mark Dahn, who knew from the time he was 12 years old that he wanted to spread the Word of God. Mark was born in 1962 in Liberia of the Mano tribe, raised there and educated with a degree in general building construction.

While in Liberia, Mark heard God call him to preach to the people there. He began his ministry on a local beach, eventually developing it into the Beach Evangelism Ministry. Mark asked God to show him a sign that He wanted to build his ministry. While in school for engineering, one of Mark’s worldly passions, Mark felt directed by God to write sermons during his daily devotions, mostly based on the book of Jeremiah.

In 1989 civil war broke out in Liberia. Mark and his family were forced out of the country in 1990 and lived in exile in the Ivory Coast. Mark lived in Ivory Coast teaching and preaching until 1997 when he moved to Pensacola, Florida in the United States to pursue a master’s degree in ministry at Pensacola Christian College.

Brother Mark ran his Beach Evangelism Ministry from 1989 to 1997. He renamed his organization to Light Evangelism Ministry (LEM) when he arrived in the United States because he felt it better reflected the extent of his support for other missions in Guinea, Ivory Coast and Liberia, Africa, as well as the seeds of faith he was planting in the U.S. LEM was incorporated in 2005.