Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to become a light and witness of the Gospel to every creature by declaring that Jesus Christ is Lord. We seek to make a difference through spiritual, educational, vocational, outreach clinical care and other humanitarian assistance whereby fallen man can return to God, and local churches will become disciplined in evangelistic mission ministry.

LEM believes:

    • The Bible is the infallible Word of God. It is the supreme standard for all human conduct (2 Timothy 3:16). LEM prefers using the King James Version.
    • In the Trinity–God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
    • In God’s six-day creation.
    • In Christ’s virgin birth, ministry, death, burial, resurrection, ascension and His promise to return (1 Corinthians 15:3-4; Acts 1:9).
    • In the salvation of a depraved sinner and that only by grace, through faith in Christ Jesus may he be saved.
    • That Jesus is the begotten son of God and that Jesus is God (John 3:16)
    • That only through the blood of Jesus Christ may a sinner be delivered from sin (1 Peter 1:18-21 and 3:18; Romans 5:9; Matthew 22:28).

As a ministry and not-for-profit organization, LEM strives to act responsibly for the development of the ministry, to have connectedness and flow of communications among contributors and staff, and to keep our vision and purpose at heart. We strive to make things happen through the guidance and grace of God.




The name of the corporation is LIGHT EVANGELISM MINISTRY (LEM), Inc.


Purposes and Powers

The purpose for which the Corporation is formed and authorized, and by which it may exercise, is set forth in its Articles of Incorporation.

Who Is LEM?

LEM is a Christian organization called, blessed and empowered by God to provide spiritual, educational, medical and physical development to both Christian and non-Christians through the propagation of the Word of God.


To establish and enhance LEM’s efforts to improve the quality of life internationally through Evangelistic Commission of the Word of God.

Vision Statement

To become a light and witness of the Gospel to every creature by declaring that Jesus Christ is Lord. To “Go Ye” ( Matt. 28:18-20), to make a difference by integrating spiritual, educational, vocational, medical and other humanitarian assistance into local cultures.

Purpose Statement

  • To propagate the Word of God that is sanctioned through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross. *To enable, unite and train individuals who will both serve the Lord and become trustworthy citizens in their own countries and countries where they might migrate.
  • To engage in evangelistic works that includes:
    • Church planting and church renovation
    • Evangelize children, women and men
    • Education
    • Outreach Care Clinic -Church and pastoral responsibilities such as preaching, teaching, baptizing, weddings, counseling and support for other evangelists, pastors, church workers, widow and orphanage care center
  • To solicit funds, collect, receive gifts/contributions and administer funds exclusively for religious, charitable, educational and medical functions as permitted for Christian organizations as defined in Section 501©(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code
  • To purchase, sell, convey and dispose of any current or future property owned by LEM, and to invest and reinvest the property as required by the law
  • To administer and distribute the corporation’s income and assets as approved by the Directors of the Board that will promote LEM objectives and purposes
  • To exercise generally any power consistent with the purposes set forth above and that which a nonprofit corporation organized under the provisions of law of Florida Nonprofit Corporation Act may exercise justly.

Notwithstanding any other provision of these Articles, the corporation shall not carry out any activities that are not permitted to be carried out by (i) a religious organization and (ii) an organization exempt from Federal tax. ARTICLE III Registered Agent and Office Light Evangelism Ministry (Inc.) POB 4427 Pensacola FL 32507 –or— 1016 Deason Street Pensacola, FL 32505